Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Another busy weekend has come and almost gone! Saturday Emily had her first gymnastics class! She's in a mommy and me class. She had a lot of fun, and was a little monkey on the bars. Since I was helping her in the class (meaning keep her from running and jumping off of something)I wasn't able to take any pictures during the class, but I grabbed one of her while we were waiting for class to start!

After gymnastics, we headed up to the ballfield as Laura had a t-ball game. Laura was more confident during this game, and seemed to really enjoy herself.

After the game the girls were really excited as they had planned a fun night at their grandparents house. Dave and I were pretty excited to, as we got to have a date night with just us. We didn't do anything too exciting- we just went out for Mexican, and saw a movie. We ended up seeing Scream 4. I really enjoyed the movie. I saw all of the Scream movies in the theatres, so it brings back a lot of memories. It's always so hard to figure out who the killer is in those movies, or at least I always think it is.

It seems any date night we have, we always end up at Target at some point, as it's a chance for us to do some quick shopping without the kiddos. It was perfect timing for us to gather some items to finish up their Easter baskets as well.

Today we slept in, went to church and met the girls there, ran a few errands, and the rest of the day I have spent it doing laundy and weeding the flower beds. Our washing machine is still awaiting a part... we thought it would be in by friday, but of course it's not here yet. The laundry is piled up beyong belieft now, so I had to give in and use my mom's machine to get some stuff done. Mr. repair man better show up Monday.


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