Friday, April 15, 2011


I know for a fact my weekend shall be awesome, despite a crazy week! The girls have been busy, Rachel started gymnastics again, Laura had her first Tball game last night, and Emily and I will start our mommy and me gymnastics class tomorrow.

So Laura survived her first t-ball game. She's a funny one, she is still as shy as she can be out there. She says she likes it, and she really has a lot of fun practicing at home, and showing her sisters what to do. But once she's out on the field with her team she freezes up. She hates being the center of attention, and apparently she feels like everyone is watching her out there. She had fun, though and it was hilarious to watch all these little kids play.

I am spending my day cleaning up this house as best I can, praying the washing machine repair man will hurry up and call saying a part we need is in, and enjoying some time outside in this pretty weather!


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Cher said...

Go Laura! She looked so cute out there last night! I'm sure she'll get used to everyone cheering her on! That's what used to embarrass me when I was younger and I can see where Brendan gets embarrassed by it sometimes, too.