Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Busch Visit of 2011

This morning we packed some tennis shoes, and after church we just kept driving to Busch Gardens! I was smarter this year, and got the kiddos free preschool passes for this season. They are free, which are awesome! The passes Dave and I have don't expire for another month, but we plan to renew them. It ended up being such a pretty day, and pretty much everyone else in the area had the same idea as it was crowded! Or at least crowded to me....We spent most of our time in the Sesame Street area, and then walked through the other areas and then took a train ride. Laura and Rachel continue to be thrill seekers on the rides, and Emily wants to do the big girl rides so bad...She was able to do Elmo's Spire, and do the balloon ride. Next time I think we will check out land of the dragon's a little more. All in all it was a good day!


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Jamie said...

Jedd and I are getting passes this year, and I was planning on taking Wes and Bailey during the summer. What is this preschool pass thing? And do you think Bailey is too young to enjoy it?