Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blurb Post

*I have been working hard on my April goals. As of today I have made a good size dent in my goal to lose 10 lbs this month. This excites me greatly.

*I also started to tackle the girls clothes. I look forward to this and dread it. I love to go through their things and remember when they wore it, etc, etc. But it is so time consuming, as I have to figure out if any of the three can still wear something, and if they can't then I either put it in a pile to take to a consignment shop, donate, or give to someone I know. Also, I always have items that need to be tossed out as for some reason I'll go to put things in storage that look fine, but apparently sitting for a while stains will become more prominent. Does that happen to anyone else? Of course I also have a storage tote in which I put in special items, that I will refuse to part with, and even showed Dave the tote today, and told him if I die before him he has to promise to make sure the girls get it. Basically the items in there are dresses hand smocked by my mom, baptism gowns for all three, clothes they wore home from the hospital, little newborn hats, first Christmas dresses, and other clothing items that tug at my heart with major memories. I want my girls to have the items to put their daughters or granddaughters in some day.

*We are all heading to the Circus this weekend, and we are all excited! This will be Emily's first time, and Laura and Rachel's 2nd.

*I simply love this warmer weather and being able to get outside with the girls and play. It also means we're getting close to the pool opening up. The girls ask me every day if they it's opened up yet. I might make a pool count down chart for them.

*I am stressing out about my big toe. Basically back in January Rachel knocked a kitchen stool over on my toe, and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. The toe nail turned black in about 3 minutes, and it hurt so bad. I ended up going to urgent care on a weekend to see if it was broke. It wasn't broke, but the doctor had to release the pressure by taking a hot tool thingy that basically made a hole in the nail to release the blood and pressure. That didn't hurt, and I basically got relief right away. HOWEVER, the doctor warned me the nail would probably fall off. It didn't exactly fall off, the new nail sorta grew under the groddy one, and it's growing slow as mess. I have attempted to cut off the old one as much as I can, but basically the whole nail is a mess. This pretty much troubles me greatly though as I want a pedicure so freaking bad, and if I just get one anyways and tell Mr. Pedicure man to keep away from the nasty toe, I will look like a idiot with one janky toe. Don't even get me started on my new fear to wear flip flops as I don't want anyone to see it. Sorry for grossing you all out.

* I have almost finished up my first year in the Junior League, and I really glad I did that this year. I have met a lot of awesome people, let's face it, after school and college, it's hard to really meet people. I learned a lot this year, got to volunteer for great purposes, and had fun and made friends in the process.


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Jenny said...

Yes, those sneaky stains creep back out-drives me crazy!

What kind of storage tote do you use? I've just been keeping our "special" outfits in Rubbermaid bins. Do tell!

You make me laugh...sure hope your toe feels *and looks! HA!* better soon! :)