Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabric Coasters

Yesterday our wee one had tubes put in her ears. She did great, but was pretty groggy for the day, so she spent a lot of time resting. During nap time when all three were resting, I whipped up two birthday presents for two people in my life who have had birthdays, that I shall see this weekend. I wanted to make something for them as part of their gift, so I decided to make these fabric coasters, that I learned how to make this summer. Super easy, fast, and well I would love to get some so I hope the people who get them like them.

To make them I cut some pretty fabric into 5.5 inch squares, I then cut some batting into 5 inch squares. Put two fabric squares and lay them on top of each other with the pretty sides touching, and then sew on your batting around the edges leaving a little gap to turn them inside out (once you clip your corners). Then after you turn inside out, sew around the edges all the way, and then continue sewing little boxes as close together as you want to create the quilting effect.

I made four in each set, and then I put some ribbon around it, added some flair to make it cutesy, and used a little stamp.

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Alisa said...

very cute, these would make an excellent gift!!