Saturday, December 24, 2011

So good you want to smack your momma

I love Pioneer Woman.  She's my idol.  She's always so darn pretty, makes great food for her large family, and has a great sense of humor.  Everything I have made of hers I have always loved, (with the exception of her mac and cheese, ok it was good, but I like my stand by recipe  better).  Anyways, since I disovered her blog and purchased her cookbook, I have salivated over her Cinnamon Buns.  I freaking love Cinnamon Buns, and I have been sad since Cinnabun has disappeared from Hampton Roads.  Side story, once Dave and I drove from Ferrum College to Greensboro, NC to eat at a Cinnabun. No joke. 

Anyways, I had never tried them before because the whole letting the dough rise scares me.  However, this year Pioneer Woman had a Christmas Special on the Food Network, in which she made them, and Dave begged me to attempt them.  I was still scared, but then I saw a college friend of mine, and bridesmaid in our wedding, had seen the same show, made them, and had success, so I braved up.

It wasn't that bad, you don't even need a mixer. I threw everything in my large le cresut dutch oven (channeling my inner Pioneer Woman), added the yeast and then prayed.  It has to sit for an hour, and I was stressed the dough wouldn't rise.  I about did cartwheels when I went to check on it and it was huge!  After that, it gets really add a few more things to the dough, and then its time to roll them out and start baking.  I had to add more flour to my dough so I could get it to roll and not be so sticky (this happened to my bridesmaid too, and I find I have to do the same thing with her pizza dough recipe)  If you attempt this, just add more flour until you can get the dough manageable.  My kitchen was a freaking mess, and you have to flour the surface of your counters really well.  Dave was upstairs cleaning the playroom and freaking out on the kids for making it a mess, and then came downstairs to see me creating a snowstorm with flour in the kitchen.  Poor guy.

Anyways, into the oven they went, and oh my goodness....they are yummy!  I froze a pan for Christmas morning.  I will make these again, but I really want to know how she managed to make these on TV and not look a mess.  Maybe I just need a huge kitchen like her =).

Check out the receipe from her: Yummy
I am also super excited to see she has a new cookbook coming out in March! 

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Grace said...

PW is the, and those cinnamon rolls are ridiculously amazing. I made them a few years ago for our neighbors and friends for Christmas. The kitchen and dining room were a wreck, but it was well worth it!!