Monday, December 19, 2011

December weekend wrap up....

So it's less then a week from Christmas now, and am I ready. Nope.  Have I ever been this far behind.  Never.  Ugg.  I have my cards done, but I still have to mail them out.  I am usually on the ball with the cards and have them sent out right after Thanksgiving.  I still need to get gifts for family members, mainly just gift cards, so it's not that bad I guess, but I am a person who just can't relax until everything is done even if it's nothing that stressful I can turn it into stress. 

I started wrapping gifts this weekend and have a bunch under the tree now. I need to hit up the dollar store and get some bags and tissue paper though.

I was at least productive this week with getting ready for a kiddo ornament party for a few close friends.  I made a 6 layer red velvet cake that turned out gorgeous, and tasty, I also made chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate butter cream filled whoopie pies, almond cookies with a fancy cookie press that my mom just got me, and I set up a hot chocolate bar with freaking chocolate dipped marshmellows then dipped in crushed peppermint.  Yepp, it's official I lost my mind with doing all of that, but it was pretty, and hopefully everyone liked it.  It honestly wasn't that bad as I just did a few things a night and put them in the freezer.

I had the kids do three ornaments a piece.  Nothing that exciting or hard.  They put stickers on two things, and then I had them paint and glitter a snow flake ornament.  It was messy but fun.  We had an extra glass ball ornament, so we copied a pinterest idea and took my friends 4 month old and put glue on her feet, stuck them on the ball, and then glittered her foot prints.  It turned out really cute, and only took 2 tries =)

Also this weekend I finished the grandparent scrapbooks that I do every year.  I almost didn't do one this year as I slacked off and didn't work on them little by little through the year, so basically I did  two  this weekend.  I do them digital now with the Creative Memories software, but it's still time consuming. 
So that's all I have for you now, I just can't relax or blog about munch until I get through with my shopping and wrapping....

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