Thursday, December 8, 2011

Self induced Christmas Stress....

Oh goodness, looks how close we are to Christmas, and I am no where near ready.  I am all decorated at least since the day after Thanksgiving, but that's about where the motivation died at.   I thought I was about done Christmas shopping for the girls, and then my oldest announced she and Rachel were getting American Girl dolls... ummmm I thought I had another year or more before we got into them at all.  Those jokers are expensive!  Now this may sound awful, and if it is don't tell me, but I saw that Target has their own brand just like American Girl, that is much cheaper, same size though and everything... I am thinking about going with that and see how they do and maybe for birthday start getting into the real deal...I just don't think I could stomach spending over a hundred and some dollars on a doll just to see it beat up and beheaded by them, especially as a last minute Christmas gift when I already have their gifts done.  Honestly, I doubt they would notice the brand name either, as I would have those jokers out of the box, so unless there is some special marking on them that I don't know about what the big deal?

I also have not sent out my Christmas cards, or even know what we are doing for them.... I did have plans with a girlfriend to  take each other's families pictures one weekend, but it's been hard getting our schedules together to do it.  I probably will just force everyone to get dressed this Saturday,and do them myself of the kids and not worry about doing a family one with Dave and I in it.

I also have invited a few people over for a kiddo ornament crafting party, which I have no idea what I will be cooking/baking for it, or what ornament we will make.  Yepp that's not exactly like me to plan something like that and not have a plan of action all set out. What the heck was I thinking.  At least we are keeping the guest list small.  Guess I better make a board on Pinterest and get some ideas and a plan of action going!


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