Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas stress out time...

I have been way to stressed out this year with Christmas.  I blame it on just not being as together as usual.  I have always been good with buying a little throughout the year, but this year I didn't do that as I was stupid and had in my head I would just take a few big shopping trips closer to Christmas and get it done then. NEVER AGAIN.  Those who do that every year are crazy.  I was stupid this year and learned my lesson the hard way.

Today I had to take off as my youngest daughter had another speech therapy consult, and I figured I would take the day to finish my shopping. So am I done? Yes I am, but I wanted to slap myself for having to shop with all the crazies, and it was just a week day. Does anyone work anymore???  I spent my morning bribing my daughter to talk at her session by promising her a milkshake.  She did good, (we don't find out what the issues are if any though until January), but she talked to the lady, and she is talking more in school.  Anyways, before getting her a milkshake I figured I would take her with me to Costco so I could get my husbands present (no worries he doesn't read my blog).  He wants the new Samsung Nexus Galaxy cell phone, and Costco has a better deal on it then the outside Verizon stores.  Low and behold, this phone just came out like last Thursday, and the stupid thing is sold out...and not just as Costco, EVERY WHERE. Great just great. The helpful lady at Costco though did say they would have a shipment coming 12/26, and she could sell me one of equal price so he would have something to unwrap, and he can exchange the next day.  I went for it, and though I am ticked it's not the phone he wanted, I am sure he will survive waiting until the next day to exchange. While I am taking care of all this, my daughter is not amused she hasn't gotten her milkshake yet.  I really needed to get some grocery shopping done while I was there, but she was freaking out,and when I scolded her she bit herself.   I guess I should be happy she didn't bite me. 

She still got her milkshake because a bribe is a bribe, and by the time I got home Dave was finally home from work.  He took one look at my face and told me to go out and finish my shopping because he's awesome like that. I am now done with shopping, just have to wrap a few things, and now I can finally relax...I know there is more to Christmas then shopping, but I doubt anyone would smile back at me in my family if I didn't have a present to give them come Christmas morning.

Here's to hoping Santa brings me a lot of Plaza Azteca gift cards for margaritas. Feliz Navidad or whatever.

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