Friday, December 30, 2011

Cabin Fever...

Oh my goodness.  The stomach flu hit our household this week full force.  It started with Emily on Tuesday, and one by one we all got it.  I couldn't get out of bed for one day, and that isn't like me at all.  It zapped all energy out of me.  It's been nasty.  The husband has it now, and I think we are finally seeing the light to be done with the illness....I have spent today trying to disinfect.  Dave got a Shark Steam Clean mop thingy for Christmas (yes he asked for this) and I put it together today and used it.  I have done 1,000,000 loads of laundry, inhaled a million fumes that are certain to kill brain cells in order to clean the bathrooms.  I am just over it, and ready to escape the freaking house.  I have not left since Tuesday, and I am over it.  I was supposed to work this week but of course I burnt up a good chunk of vacation hours dealing with this mess.  I did put away all the Christmas decor with the exception of our tree, I will probably get around to that this weekend.
I am hoping if everyone is better tomorrow we can try to see a movie with the girls.  They also have been invited to a friends house to spend the night tomorrow, and I am crossing my fingers they stay illness free so they can go.  The girls deserve to do something fun over Christmas break, and I would love to get out and do something with my husband for a little bit tomorrow if he's feeling better.   

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