Thursday, July 2, 2009

More catching up cause I have been a bad blogger...

I have been such a blog slacker. It's just been so busy, and it's hard to get to the computer when it has been so pretty outside.

The latest happening with us has been Laura developed pink eye, as well as some funky eye infection on Monday evening. All is well, the drops have worked sooo fast, so she keeps doing them for the rest of the week and has to take some anitbiotics. She missed out on swimming classes for two days to recover and to keep from sending the health department down to our pool haha. She had her last class today, and she has just been doing so well. She really loves it, and I know she's still young, but I really feel she is going to have some interest in the swim team... A lot of her little pool friends this year are older and are on the team, so chances are I think Laura will want to do that with them.

Work has still been stressful, I have deemed it a cluster f***. Everyone could benefit from stick removal surguries in places that don't get much sun.

Timeshare crap with getting things transfered are slow, and apparently those that work there just have GED's, or English is their 2nd language,and make the process so freaking complicated that we had to get a lawyer involved, and it's too late to book anything through it for the summer at the beach. It looks like everything will be done with the transfer in a month or so MAYBE, but since we still want to go to the beach this summer we went a head and got something set for a week in August today. We found a good deal, and even though it sucks we couldn't use the timeshare like we wanted this summer, the week has been "banked" so we can use that week still for something else later, or heck go for two weeks next year. It will be used. But the lesson is, buying Timeshares is easy, but transfering to another person is a hooorrrrendous experience. RCI= Special Education drop outs...

Regardless I am just excited to have found a decent price to go for a week this summer and have already been making lists of stuff to pack. Our place is on the ocean, and has a indoor and outdoor pool. Our unit is poolside so we can walk right out the front door and jump in the pool. The kids will love that! If the kids were older we could sit on the front porch on just watch them swim. August just can't come soon enough!

Our 4th of July plans are to cookout with family tomorrow night, Saturday our pool always has a big party, so I will take the kids to that, but other then that no major plans.

Well enough catching up, the kids just woke up, so it's time to carry our tails back to the pool. Seriously, everyone needs to belong to a local pool if they have one near them. So much easier, and so worth the money!


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