Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Star!

My friend took this pic of me at the pool with her cool camera. It was the best pic out of three, the others are very scary, and the pics have given me some drive to workout and eat better... I have a facebook friend who who did p90x or whatever and looks banging now... but I think that's out of my league. I have heard stories of people throwing up while working out doing that program...I'm not the dedicated... I have been a slacker with working out and eatting good lately.... I am a major stress eater, I don't know how that happend as a long time ago when I was stressed I just wouldn't eat... though that isn't healthy either the after effects of weight loss are easier to deal with then gaining...

Sigh... I am going to hit the eliptical now... I have to get serious.... if not for overall health, then for the family photo we are doing in September lol....


1 comment: said...

oh yeah, you can do some major toning by September!

I was looking at the 108lbs...they suck! LOL!

I wish I had a pool within a few minutes drive...that is one of my fav exercises.

You look great in this picture!