Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feeling better...

I am feeling more relaxed this morning, and I am determined to attempt to be a grownup and talk with my boss without having a nervous break down. Easier said then done, but I am trying to be more positive, and get through this.

Yesterday was a great Friday. I took the kids to the pool, came home, put some no longer used stuff on Craigs List, and sold one item already, and have someone coming today to get something else. I have never used Craigs List before to sell anything, and by gosh, I love it! So freaking easy to use, and no fees involved. I sold the Bumbo seat yesterday, and the Jumper Roo is going to be gone this afternoon. No I didn't make a killing, but I did much better then what I would have done at a garage sale, or through Consignment, so I am happy. Plan on putting that money to the side and getting the kids some fall/winter clothes with it.

Friday night our pool has family grill nights, in which one family grills food for those at the pool for a small fee. Last night the family in charge was doing Smoked Sausage, and the usual hot dogs and burgers, and they had french fries,and ever watermelon... So we all had dinner there at the pool and did a little bit of swimming after. Dave and I are going to sign up to do a grill night I think in August. If you volunteer a few hours, they waive the $50 maintenance fee, so we will do that to knock that out. Might as well since we are there all the time anyways.

Later I went to Costco before it closed up for the night. Geeze. I will be so glad when the kids are done with diapers... I had to get them for Rachel and Emily, and also swimming diapers, milk, bread, and laundry detergent and I spent a small fortune. Oh well at least I know in the long run it saves money by buying in bulk.... I am super excited that they have swimming diapers at Costco this year... those things are crazy expensive and we fly through them. Costco also just got in some amazing furniture.... I drooled over everything... the prices are really nice... I really like this Lingerie chest they had... The price wasn't bad either, and I came close to getting it, but seriously my bill was bad enough with what I already had in my cart. I told Dave about it when I got home and he laughed at me saying I don't exactly have a massive lingerie collection. Ouch... guess my granny panties aren't that impressive...haha. I had to explain to him that you can use the chest for other stuff, but I think I lost him.


Laurie said...

I've never tried Craigs List, I'm going to have to though, need the extra cash! I wish we had a Costco here, the nearest is an hour away. Great deals!
(I relate on the granny panties) :(

Three under Three said...

I am in love with selling Craigs List... you don't have to worry about shipping charges, etc, and if your not comfortable with somone picking up the items from your house, you can arrange to meet up at a public place or something!

So far I have sold two things in two days, and I have a bite on the last thing I had for sale!