Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's been going in the Gile's house!

It's a yucky rainy Saturday.  I don't have anything exciting to blog about, just a bunch of randoms...I am having another pumpkin carving/painting party for the kiddos and some of their friends.  I spent yesterday and this morning making some sweets for it.  I made oreo truffles, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate covered pretzel rods, cupcakes, and one of those pumpkin cakes made out of two bundt cakes.  I just iced the cake a few minutes ago, and man do I need to practice my iceing skills. Oh well it's orange now and looks kinda like a pumpkin... For the stem I think I will put a snickers bar or something in the middle...If I felt like doing anymore crap in the kitchen I would attempt to make the stem and some leaves out of fondant.  Truth be told I have not even bought all the actual pumpkin carving/painting supplies we need, so I doubt I have time to get all crazy with fondant considering I wont know what I am freaking doing since I have never done it before...

My husband is making bbq, and I will probably make a thing of mac and cheese.  I have a feeling we will have a good turn out for the party, so hopefully I have enough of everything.  I still have to clean the house, and I am getting overwhelmed thinking about everything else I need to do.  I know it will be worth it though to let the kids have some fun.

I ran some of the treadmill at the gym today.  The husband and I are getting ready for the Thanksgiving Day 5k in our area.  This will be his first 5k, and I am excited to do it with him! This course will be tougher then the one I did last month at my daughters school as it has more hills, so I am not aiming to beat my time, I just want to try to do it without stopping again.

The kids are excited for Halloween!  I am helping with  Laura's class party Monday, and then running over to the preschool to watch my other two in their school parade, and then later they shall trick or treat their little hearts out =).

Rachel has asked to try Karate out, and there is a place near out house we found, and she has her first lesson Wednesday.  This cracks me up.  They do three one on one lessons to let kids try it out first, and then you can sign up for weekly lessons with a class.  She's really excited!

Tonight Dave and I are going with a friend of mine from work and her husband to do some haunted ghost tour on a famous haunted boat in Norfolk tonight.  I can't remember the details, but apparently it's a famous boat and there have been documentaries on it!   I will try to take some pictures and get the details and blog about it later!


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