Monday, October 10, 2011

Another weekend in the books....

Wow, we had another busy fun filled weekend, and I can't believe the weekend is already gone. 
Friday Dave and his friend and brother took the kids camping at a local park.  It's such a small world really.  I grew up on a baseball field pretty much as a child, and Steve and Bobby played up there too.  We later went to highschool together, and I kinda sorta dated Bobby (it's complicated) at one point in the teen years.  Years later it turns out Steven was on the same police force as my husband, and they hit it off and have a sort of bro romance I guess you could call it.  His wife is awesome, and their oldest daughter and ours love to play together, and I know their new baby will be running along with them all soon.

So friday night was the big camping trip.  I joined them for dinner and to hang out until late that night, and I have to say, the idea of camping is not appealing to me, but it was fun.  The girls had a blast playing together and having some fun in the woods.  No one was scared to sleep in the tent at night ( I was betting on Dave calling me to pick them up), and they all came home tired, but wanting to do it again soon.

Saturday morning we had a tball game and then ventured out to the Surry Pumpkin Patch.  This pumpkin patch is on the simple side, but they have the prettiest pumpkins, and all types too.  They don't charge an admission fee like a lot do around here, it's just a great big pumpkin patch, with a small shop with cute crafts, and their own homemade icecream (the pumpkin flavor is the best).  We have been going since Laura was a baby, and it's a tradition I know we will always continue.

We were pretty lazy the rest of the weekend, I have been battling either a cold or some allergies which hasn't been fun.  I don't feel like doing much other then laying around coughing, but I am going to have to force myself to get productive for a couple of hours to figure out our meals for the next week... I am hoping I will find something fun to make that is also blog worthy too =) 


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Jenny said...

Those pumpkins are AMAZING!!!!! Lucky Duck! Hope you feel better. :(