Monday, October 3, 2011

How we spent our weekend

*This weekend we ate our weight in marshmellows, we made smores Saturday night, and Sunday Dave and his friend attempted to either 1. send smoke signals, or 2. make me pass out from smoke inhalation as he couldn't get the fire to keep going.

* I watched my daughter play with my childhood best friends niece, and it was like a time warp as it seriously looked like myself and her playing together.  It still cracks me up, that they found each other at school and hit it off with being in different grades, and not knowing the background that they share =)
*We had a halloween costume crisis solved, and my older two want to both be mermaids, and my Costco only had one costume.  I tried to talk Laura into being something else, and she pretty much told me where I could take my suggestions.... Thankfully, a wonderful girlfriend in Richmond found the costume at her Costco, and mailed it to me. Emily at least could care less, and is happy to either be a lady bug or butterfly that I saved from years past.
*I'm nervous as Emily is seeing an eye specialist tomorrow, she has a "lazy eye".  Hoping it goes well.....Makes me nervous though.
*Fall ball tball started finally after being rained out the previous weekend.  I was all excited to have my camera out there and my huge zoom lens, and as luck would have it I forgot my memory card lol.


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Grace said...

We love our firepit AND s'mores!

Hope Emily's appointment goes well - who's your specialist? Two of our girls have had eye issues - we love their doctor..