Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu planning for this week....

I still have been attempting to menu plan, and I am getting better at it.  It sure does make grocery shopping a lot easier I will say that, and ends me staring into the fridge with a dumb look on my face or dwelling about it all day while I am at work.

This week here's the game plan for dinners:

Monday- Chicken Enchiladas.  This is a recipe that I got from my sister many years ago, and I like it because its easy, and most of it is done in the crock pot. 

Tuesday- Sweet Apple Meat Loaf-This is a recipe from My Mama Made that- Junior League cookbook. To be honest I have never attempted meat loaf before. The idea of it seemed kinda gross to me, BUT, at a JL meeting someone had made this, and I braved up and tried it, and LOVED it. It was really good.  My husband also is a meatloaf fan, so I am hoping he will pleased with this one.  We have back to school night at the preschool, so I am hoping I have enough time to get this one done...

Wednesday- Spaghetti- quick, easy, and the husband can make it.  I am volunteering this night so he's on duty so I figured to put him in charge.

Thursday- Chickfila Kids night- I have volunteer stuff again this evening, so I will be missing out on a yummy Chickfila dinner (I'm obsessed with the spicy chicken on wheat sandwich).  I plan on scarfing down some leftovers.

Friday- I have a new marinade I want to try out with a london broil.

Saturday and Sunday- this depends on how the day pans out, it's going to be a busy weekend for us... I have stuff for tacos, and I also have  pork shoulder for Dave to BBQ, so it just depends on how things pan out for us how we will end up doing it...


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