Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm back!

We just got back from vacation in Massanutten. We were excited to use our RCI timeshare for the first time somewhere. FYI if someone leaves you a timeshare, prepare to have a crazy time getting everything worked out and deeded over. We have another week we are attempting to use at a beach, but we shall see as it's apparently hard to land them at a beach during beach season. Anyways, we had a good time. We didn't ski, but we did tubing several times, went to the indoor water park a few times, hung out, took in the sites, Dave and I both got massages at the Spa, and we just had a good time. We let his parents go the over half of the week, because Dave had court, and we also figured if we spent a week there we would get bored. Hopefully his parents have a relaxing time as well.

Random thoughts about this week so far:
*My daughter broke a pair of my fake Chanel sunglasses, and I was very upset. I would have been less upset if she'd broken my expensive pair, rather then these cheap $5 ones. RIP the mean time I have been stalking pictures of Elin Woods cause she always has the coolest shades on these days. You know to hide from the press. I have been googling her sunglasses that she wears and they are a tad out of my price range lol.

* While on vacation I finished reading Fire Fly Lane, and it was awesome! It was kinda slow in the begining, but halfway through I was hooked in, and at the end I was a blubbering mess... It's such a good book about friendship.

* I went back to work today and my day didn't start out that good as I apparently pissed off a guy at Social Security over the phone, I was seriously being nice, but he got snarky, and I lost it on him, and he hung up on me...and then I didn't appreciate it and had to very seriously had to take a valium, after I was done having a hissy at work. Seriously, I threatend to go up to his call center and beat him up. It wasn't pretty. I probably gave him a good story though to tell his friends. I hope the call was recorded for training purposes.

*I went back to the gym today and I feel like a sloth after eating like crap the last few days. I refuse to weigh myself right now.

* I am kinda sorta trying to limit my diet coke intake. I think I love it too much to give up forever, but I gotta cut back cause it's getting a bit embarrassing at the amount of it I drink, and I know I need to drink more water. Baby steps!

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