Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so sorry I have not posted any pictures of hair drama yet. Honestly it's becauseI have been short on time, and a bit cell phone challenged. I have only taken pictures with the cell and I don't know how you put pictures from that to a computer. I did have a friend put them on for me on my facebook, but then I think she deleted the after picture by accident, but I will post pictures soon.

In other technology news I have started to also download TV shows and then watch them later while working out, which has been fun. God I love my Itouch. So far I have watched some old The OC episodes (I miss that show so much), and even a original 90210 episode. I wanted to download some Nip Tuck to watch, but because that show is pretty racy and I watch these shows in public places, I don't want anyone to think I am working out while watching a porno. That wouldn't be cool.

I did learn that our local library has Nip/Tuck season one on DVD, so I have been watching that at night. I love the library. You can't beat free.

Have you guys signed up for You are missing out...They have normal stores too, not just high end stores.. You will never miss a sale again, and it's like having a personal shopper...honestly so far the only thing I have purchased is actually a birthday present for my mom... but that's not to say I have no lusted over many items at bargain prices... I may or may no be praying that some Tory Burch high heel shoes in patent leather show up in my size on the website. I used major restraint not to purchase some suade ones... so I made a deal that if patent ones show up I can buy them.

**update- tory burch must read my blog because I got an alert with the patent high heel shoes and they were 50% off so umm yeah, I made them mine...

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