Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday

Yes once again I am doing another post without pictures. I am sorry… but just deal, I will upload some pictures on my next post to make it up. I know blogs are not that interesting if you don’t have some pictures. Speaking of which, I love some of those blogs people are doing on what they wore. It’s neat to see how people mix things up, and can give you ideas on colors , styles to wear. Be glad this is not one of those blogs though, as today I am a mess. If I were to do one of those posts it would be as follows

- grey cable sweater- Faded Glory (Walmart), stop judging, it’s the one clothing piece that I own from walmart, and I bought it on a whim and I hate it because it doesn’t hold it’s shape well. I know some people like Walmarts clothing, I just don’t because everything I have bought falls apart after a few washings…

- Black dress pants – The Limited (purchased at TJMAXX back in 2007… I love these pants ,however the hem fell out of one of the legs pretty much back in 2007 and I have yet to fix it…. Note to self, fix pants

- Silver and Pink New Balances – Purchased from TJMAXX 2009 I am wearing sneakers because I went to the gym this morning, and when I left I did have on some heels, but when I saw it was pouring I decided to put back on my sneakers so I could make a mad dash to the car, and when I got to work it was still raining, and I decided to just complete my bum look for the day and not change back into heels.

Don’t worry, my accessories are more exciting….

I am wearing my real David Yurman Bracelet that I was gifted from my mom and dad this Christmas, and I am also wearing a fake one that I got while we went on vacation this past month. I am also wearing some fake David Yurman earrings that I got from a Premier Designs party that I love, but they look like something off of Dynasty, and kinda clash with the bum outfit but whatever…That’s just how I roll…

My hair is pulled back with a headband and a hair clip because of said rain.

Hopefully my new shoes arrive from the UPS man this week so I can wear a more exciting less bummy outfit. My new shoes have me that excited…

And that is why I don’t do a fashion blog… I am walking fashion crisis, especially when weather is bad, and it’s a Monday. Seriously, I used to wear PJ pants to high school, and umm I might have tried to wear black ones to work here and there…and someone needs to stage a flip flop intervention with me STAT.

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