Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve we went to a Hibachi with another couple. Last year we did the same thing with the same couple, so I think that's going to be a tradition for us. We hung out with them for a while after, but made it home well before midnight. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night with our sitter, and Laura refused to go to bed so we all rang in the new year together and watched some fireworks on our front porch that some neighbors were setting off.

I ended up selling the elliptical pretty quickly, and I followed through with getting myself crazy. New Years Day I headed up to Richmond with a friend and I got myself a Louis Vuitton neverfull bag. I freaking love it. For years and years I have obsessed on those brand of bags, carried a fake one from China town about 6 years ago for over a year, lusted after the real ones, and studied the website. I went with the neverfull because honestly, I wanted one of the more affordable bags. Either way I was going to have to throw down, but I didn't want spend more then I had to. I also wanted one that I would use frequently, and the neverfull bag is pretty sturdy, roomy and can hold a crazy amount. See how I am trying to act like I made a perfectly practical purchase? Ha! But honestly I know I will never own another one, so I wanted one I could get a lot of use out of, and the wouldn't go out of style.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the Stony Point Fashion Park, having lunch and we ended up finding some good sales at a few other stores. She has a little girl herself, so we had fun finding some things for our kids. It was a great way to enjoy the first day of the year.

Today Dave and I took down the Christmas tree, and for the past few days I have tried really hard to clean up around the house, but it's been near to impossible. I put away all the kids toys in the play room, but they just end up dragging them all down stairs. I will be so happy when this cold weather is over so my kids can get outside instead of being cooped up in a house. They are going nuts!

Speaking of taking down the Christmas tree, I might swear off real ones after this year. Earlier this Christmas season our tree fell over in the middle of the night creating a huge mess, and then today we took all the ornaments off, but about killed ourselves taking the lights off. It was a huge tangled mess and our tree was so dry that most of the needles ended up being shaken all over the ground. We watered it well like we should but this one was just a crappy tree I think as it quit drinking water early on, so it ended up so dry and brittle. Anyways, I had swept up a garbage bag full of tree needles, threw the bag away in the trash can, and then vacuumed up the rest. Next thing I know while I am getting Emily dressed, my other two went in the trash can, took out the bag of tree needles and poured it all over the downstairs. What the heck were they thinking???

They attempted to sweep it up again before I came around the corner. I can look back and laugh now, but earlier this morning mommy was not a happy camper. The girls were sent to their rooms, and I attempted to keep my head from spinning excerocist style. The dag on tree was just a pain in the neck this year, and therefore I am declaring a fake one next year. I also smelled like a freaking evergreen air refresher all day after wrestling with needles.

We have ended up having a busy weekend with a family reunion this afternoon, my grandma and dads birthday celebration tomorrow, and Monday I am home as there are some doc appointments to tend to.

Also, we leave for vacation next Saturday for the ski resort, so I gotta get us all packed up for that. I am looking forward to that, and hope the kids and us have a blast!

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