Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post.  We had fun at my husbands ceremony, and then afterward we were able to enjoy a nice dinner together, so I am glad I canceled on my volunteer shift.  I was able to pick up one after a race I did, or at least I signed up for one, but when I reported no one could give me anything to do, and it got old just standing there so I left to go home and spend time with my family.  Don't know if I will wind up getting credit or not, but hey, I tried.

I ran in a 5k yesterday, and was pleased to do it in under 30 minutes, so that's not awful.  I think I was 7th in my age division, so not bad!  The rest of the weekend was spent at the tball field, and then I joined my husband and some of his friends for camping.  My youngest and I just went to hang out and eat dinner and then we came back home to sleep in our own bed.  That's more then plenty great outdoors for me.  I like outside activities, but I hate smelling  like campfire, and picking off bugs on me.  I picked off a tick last night that had a white spot on it's body which is the type that carries lyme disease.  Oh joy.

I am busy trying to plan my husbands promotion party that I am having at our house next weekend, and that should keep my busy the rest of the week!

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