Saturday, April 14, 2012

Egg Hunt Party

I know, my blogging is just not regular anymore.  The kids are getting older and with that we are busier with their activities.  Fun times though!  So the day before Easter Sunday, I had an egg hunt for our children, and our friends kids.  We said we would keep is small, but when it was all said in done we still had over 15 children, and their parents lol.  It was fun though.  I bought a crazy amount of eggs weeks before at the dollar store, and some candy from their as well, so the eggs were all one weeks in advance.  I kept them on top of my beloved pie safe until the day of the party.

Since we were having a crazy amount of people over, and the weather was nice, dinner was good ole hot dogs and hamburgers.  I asked for others that came to bring a side dish to share, and to take some pressure off of me cooking for everyone.  I did make a casserole dish of homemade mac and cheese.

I also did a Easter Sweets display in my dining room.  I stacked an old cake stand from costco, as well as my newer one from a local consignment shop.  Also from the consignment shop, I bought a moss bunny that I put on top of the stands with easter grass.  On the cake stands and on other plates, I had a crazy amount of sweets...

I dipped oreos in white chocolate with easter color sprinkles, and I made home made peanut butter eggs with sprinkles.  The peanut butter eggs were simple, and just basically the same peanut butter balls I make at christmas, but in a egg shape.:

I had seen these bird nests floating around pinterest, and I was familiar with already making them, as my sister has been making them for years and years.  I just added some egg shaped malt balls to them.  I also let the girls dip peeps in chocolate and then putting the wet chocolate in the sprinkles.  All super easy.  I also had purchased some chocolate covered pretzels to just have out on the table.
The table looked really pretty, or at least I thought it did =)
Everyone seemed to have had a good time, and most importantly, the kids had a blast finding the eggs!


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Jamie said...

everything looked awesome and yummy!!