Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch up post...

*I am exhausted.  I went with my parents, and my youngest two to Lancaster, PA for a shopping trip.  The girls are stocked up now on summer clothes, Easter dresses purchased, and I got a few new things for Dave and I.  New running shoes for the both of us,  ended up getting us his and hers Nike Dual Fusions.  I am still debating over a pair of Sperry's I saw.  Their cute, but not my normal style, but I think I want them... will debate a little longer, and then either call and have them shipped or just forget about it...
I am excited about some stuff I got at Banana Republic and JCrew, and of course some neat things from Pottery Barn.

*We got home around lunch time Saturday.  I quickly unpacked, grabbed a quick pedicure as it's been forever since I have had one, and with the warm weather it was really needed if I am going to show my feet.  Soon after we had a date night.  We went to a fun place called Conch and Bucket.  The food was good, and had a fun atmosphere.  We then went to see the Hunger Games Movie.  I wasn't the biggest fan.  I love the books, and was really excited to see this, but I just wasn't impressed.  I honestly think if I had not have read the book I would have been completely lost and confused.  We had a good time though getting out by ourselves.  I always look forward to those times.

*The next day we headed to Appomattox as my husbands family decided to finally move furniture and items out of the house owned by his grandparents who have been deceased for over 3 years.  I don't have anything positive or nice to say about that experience,  as the whole thing could have been handled better by a committee of monkeys.  They would have had it taken care of years ago.  Ask me how I really feel about that.

*The girls are all on Spring Break this week, I am taking off today as it was the only day I could coordinate with the husband where we could get the girls to Busch Gardens to do something fun with them.

*The girls are excited about Easter.  We saw the bunny yesterday at Bass Pro.  I am having a egg hunt for some their close friends at our house Saturday, and then Sunday we have plans to go to a church with some family friends, and do another egg hunt there.

*We have a lot of fun activities going on this month.  Dave's work gave him tickets to a Tides Game, we have tickets to see Tosh.0 in Richmond later, and then the circus is coming and we have tickets to that as well.  Tball games start this month, as well as Emily's gymnastic classes.  I am running a 5k, and busy helping plan a Junior League event that will be held in May.

*April 1st marked the anniversary of when I started my last diet.  I met my goal by July, and I am proud of how I have been committed to keeping the weight off.  I don't always eat like I should, but I have found as long as I don't over do it every day, and I work out regularly I can maintain just fine.  It truly is about moderation.


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