Saturday, March 24, 2012

*I purchased half of a bikini yesterday.  During my lunch break I went in Target and tried one on.  I even took a picture.  Your crazy if you think I am posting it, but I did send it to two coworkers- to see if their immediate response was WTF, or ewww.    I finished shopping and then made the decision to purchase the bikini top.  The bottom was ok, but I wasn't totally digging it, and I can get a black bottom anywhere that I would like better.

*Since the weight loss I gotta be honest.  The "Girls" are pretty non-exhistant now.  That could be solved I guess with implants, but honestly I don't know if I could ever go through it.  I wouldn't have a problem doing lipo or anything else, but the idea of something false being in my body kinda freaks me out big time. Also, let's be honest.  How many of you know someone who has had a boob job?  If it's known publicly, then that's all anyone remembers them for.  Honestly, I think it was easier to shop for a bikini top without having to worry to find a top big enough to keep me covered up top.  I guess that's at least a plus for being basically flat chested =)

*My husband made an amazing meal last night. He smoked some ribs, made an apple crisp, and even made fried pickles.  Good think I like working out.

* We have a busy weekend filled with baseball field clean up, seeing friends, birthday parties, pool clean up day, and attempting to get packed up to head to PA for little mini vacation to get some shopping done.

*Dave picked me up some wine racks for the inside of my pie safe from my favorite local consignment shop earlier this week.  I am still working on filling it up =)

*I am so excited about summer!  I am going to have the older girls on the local pools swim team this year, so I am trying to look into some other fun programs for them this summer, but want to make sure I don't' have them overly booked up.  Swim team will take a big chunk of time, so right now I am considering a 1 week ballet camp when swim team is over, or some art classes.  So many of the programs fill up before summer, so I am trying to get everything lined up now.


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