Sunday, March 11, 2012

Massanutten Recap

We had a very nice vacation, and it was over too fast.  I think if we go there next year at this same time again, we will do the whole week, as with the nicer weather we were motivated to get out and do more.  We usually only do half a week, and then invite someone to stay the rest of the time.

We had a good time, had weather ranging from snow to 60 degrees.  The snow was awesome, and it was the only real snow my kiddos got to experience this year, since our area in NN didn't get much.  We hit up the water park a few times, went tubing, went hiking, played on the playgrounds, and just relaxed.  Emily is still too young for ski class, though the other are old enough, so maybe one day when they are old enough we can actually go skiing.  I have not been able to go since before we had Laura.
Not much really going on with me other then trying to get over some allergy issues that hit me when he got back into town.

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