Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catch up post...

It's been busy around our house here this past week.  We have had some gorgeous, warm weather, so we have been outside a lot, riding bikes, feeding the fish, and practicing for T-ball.  I think Dave is doing a great job coaching.  He really is awesome with kids.  I helped him out yesterday as the assistant coach was out of town, and after watching him from the sidelines trying to keep 10 4-5 year olds attention, I couldn't stand it anymore and got on the field too with Emily, and helped out.  I will say, that after being around other kids about the same age as my own, I am really proud of how well my kids actually listen, and behave.  Some of these kids are wild lol.

I am trying something new this year, and I am trying to grow my veggie garden from seeds.  I have the seeds sprouting in the house right now, and if all goes well I will be able to transplant them outside soon.  I have no idea what I am doing.

My mom had pre-orderd Pioneer Woman's new cookbook, and it arrived this week!  I have been looking over it, and it looks like a lot of the items in the book are from her tv show, which I like.  It looks to be a really good book.

There is a local furniture consignment store in Hilton Village that I just love that has the cutest things! They have a Facebook page that they use to take pictures of items in their shop that are for sale.  They had a cute white cake stand, that I spied in a picture, and I had commented on the picture, and my mom ran down there and picked it up for me this week! It's milk glass, and has such great detail on the underside of it.

Dave was off this weekend, and we had a fun Saturday.  A lady in the JL had tickets to a play in Hilton Village, for her family of 5 and wasn't able to use them, and offered them up for free.  We all went to it, and enjoyed a cute play of the The 3 Little Pigs.  The girls loved it, and it kept their attention well. After the play we went in a  few shops in the same village.  We wandered down to the furniture consignment store, in which if I had a bigger house, I would have purchased about 3-4 pieces of furniture.  Seriously, they have this awesome antique game table for just $295 that I would have scooped up in a heartbeat, but considering I have three pieces of furniture that I just got at an estate sale, that I had to find room for, we just have no where to put it.  Don't think I didn't try to find a place ;)  I ended up finding something though for a family member who has a birthday coming up.  Because the kiddos behaved so well we  got them cupcakes from a cupcake shop there too.

Dave and I enjoyed a date night later with dinner and movie.  We saw 21 JumpStreet, which has to be the funniest movie we have seen in a long time.

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