Monday, November 14, 2011

A November Weekend...

Goodness gracious!  The weekends just go by too fast...My husband was off which was wonderful, and doesn't happen enough.  We had a fun date night Friday night enjoying some yummy mexican food and drinks with another couple that I went to high school and played softball with.

Saturday we hung out, went to the gym, and then spent the afternoon and evening at a friends house for their 4 year old's birthday party.  The mom went with a Pirate theme.  She made an amazing cake that had a layer of strawberry filling so it looked like blood when the cake was cut.  She went all out decorating the house and yard, and the kids wore pirate hats and got their face painted.  The birthday boys great grandmother even showed up dressed like a pirate!  What a cool granny!
That cake is simply amazing!  She's the chick who lent me the Elmo pan for Emily's party, and gave me some cake making advice =) 

Sunday we went to the church at the preschool that our girls go/have gone to, as their friend was singing in the preschool choir yesterday.  Once we got home from that, I went into crazy 50's house wife mode.  I have cooked a lot of food in my life, (ok since getting married, let's be honest, my mom spoiled me rotten with home made meals).But I had never made mashed potatoes from scratch.  I don't really know why, I own a potato masher and all, heck I have done mashed sweet potatoes, but never just normal ones.  We just don't eat a lot of potatoes I guess.  I also did a apple pork roast I saw on Pioneer Woman's blog, and made a pumpkin cheese cake with a home made crust.  It took a super long time to make all of this mess, but I was so stinking proud that everything turned out yummy!  I just don't know how my mom and grandmothers did this every Sunday, and heck my mom and grandma would make home made rolls too!  We had rolls, but I went with frozen ones, and I did canned green beans.  My husband was pretty excited about the meal, and I made sure to let him know this wont be happening every Sunday, but I will try to do it again from time to time.  I even broke out our wedding China and crystal, and let the girls drink apple juice out of the wine glasses.  They were so confused why we were eating in the dining room, and using the nice stuff, but they loved it!

I have made a slight dent in my Christmas shopping.  Nothing exciting, but hey anything gets me closer to being done...I am itching to get my Christmas decor out, but I try to wait until we buy our tree, and the tree lot doesn't sell them until the day after.  I am just so excited though!  The kids are at such fun ages!  I did purchase the Elf on the Shelf, so that will be a new tradition for the girls. I am also thinking about having an ornament making party for the kids.  Nothing as big as the Halloween party, since we will be doing this all inside, and I don't think I can mentally handle that many people in my house, but just a few of their friends.  I want to use cookie cutter with salt dough, and have the kids paint them.  Salt dough is so easy and cheap to make, and I think the kids would love it!

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Jenny said...

You are SuperMom-for real! I'm so impressed by all that you do. Such a fun mommy. :)