Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas is coming...

I have slowly started my Christmas shopping. Don't get excited I have one present for each child and that's about it so far.  I have a crazy amount to do, but I will get there....I hate how rushed the holidays seem, we just celebrated Halloween, and Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away... But in an attempt to be organized  I recently purchased the girls Christmas dresses during a big sale at Gymboree.  I looked all over Etsy, and Zulily for something cute for the girls, but everything I likes cost about one million dollars or so, and so when I found these dresses for a bargain I nixed all other ideas. 

I am hoping that Barnes and Noble has the Elf of the Shelf in stock already, as I plan on hitting that store up on my lunch break to make that purchase so we can get going on the Elf tradition in our house this year.  I have seen all kinds of cute ideas on Pinterest do to with the Elf. 

So that's what mode I am in now.... I am focused on the holidays... 


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