Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get in my belly....

I have made 5 million whoopie pies.  Not really but it feels like it... My oldest daughters school is having a bake sale, and I volunteered to make items for it.  I wanted to make something different, and I went with whoopie pies.  This receipe is something I saw on GRITS blog a while back, and I thought it sounded easy enough.  I wanted to give it a test run though, before I made them to be sold, so I whipped up a batch Thursday night.  Honestly it was really easy.  I actually made half of them when I got home from work, and then finished them up when I got back from a dinner with a girlfriend, and got in bed before too late.  My husband gave me two thumbs up, and I had some happy coworkers, and dinner guests Friday.  Hey, we had to get rid of them.  I made a double batch Sunday morning as I needed 2 dozen for the sale, and then I had plenty of leftovers to give to some family members.  If you want the recipe click here: HERE, I did make one change of using nutmeg instead of cloves, as I didn't have cloves on hand.  I also didn't pipe my icing on with a pastry bag.  I just slapped it on, and it still looked fine.   I found these really easy to make, which is kinda scary, as my thighs may not be as excited to allow me to consume them!


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