Sunday, November 6, 2011

The garage sale of all garage sales....

I went to the garage sale of all garage sales yesterday...One of the elite communities in Williamsburg, Kings Mill has two garage sales a year, and yesterday was the fall one.  I had never been before, but a girlfriend of mine who grew up in Williamsburg talked me into going.  I am so glad I did!  They hold it at the Busch Gardens overflow parking lot.  It was freezing cold when we go there, but totally worth freezing for.  I bought a cool tunnel/tent combo toy for the kids that's brand new and that I might have Santa pick up and deliver on Christmas Eve.  I scored a Junior League Cookbook from Florida for a dollar, a ton of childrens clothes, brand new pair of stride rite shoes, clothing for me, etc.  I got a cute dress that I can wear to work that was brand new with tags still on it for $2!   They had a brand new electric smoker for $30 that I went back to get but was gone... The husband could have killed me for not getting it, but I mean we have two smokers, why the heck would we need another?  Apparently though it's nicer then what we have, and he said he would have sold our old one. Oh well now I know better.  Someone that my friend knows scored a flat screen tv for $30 that the owners had just upgraded to a bigger TV and just wanted to sell the old one cheap to get rid of.   I was truly overwhelming, and I saw so many other things I wanted.  We also went to a few other sales nerby, and I got a bag of about 40 hair bows that someone had made for $3, and they are gorgeous!   I also picked up a few more books to read.  I think I am hooked on garage sales, after getting so many good deals yesterday!  I am totally going to go to the Spring one, and this time I will be sure to have more cash on me, and to take the husbands truck =) 

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Jamie said...

That sounds like a dream! I love garage sales!! Can you give me a heads up when the Spring one is once you find out? I'd love to go!!