Friday, September 16, 2011

She's almost 3....

Today we celebrated Emily's birthday at her preschool! I can't believe tomorrow she will be turning 3...We brought Krispy Creame doughnuts as her special snack for her birthday, since she is a huge doughnut fan. She is enjoying school, but was very shy when everyone sang happy birthday to her, and she refused to wear her birthday crown that she made this morning with her teacher lol. Her personality reminds me a lot of Laura's, as they can both be very shy, especially when the focus is on her.

Today I am getting ready for the cake drama to begin.... I may or not be trying to put it off. I started decorating the dining room table, and filled the goody boxes with some homemade cookies that I made. I made a elmo paper ball thingy that looks like his head, and I hung it from the light in the dining room. I also took my Creative Memories collage frame and slapped on her invitation that I made, and used the Cricut to cut out happy birthday to hang from it. I also ran to Michael's this morning to get the freaking thing to decorate the cake with....As soon as I pick up the younger girls I will be ready to tackle the Elmo cake.... If Elmo wins I will be so mad.



Jenny said...

It's going to be great! Everything looks adorable!

Jamie said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!