Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Saturday Scene.....

We had a busy Saturday! We started off the day having breakfast, and then when Dad came home from work we worked out together at the gym, mainly in preparation of eating the peanut butter cake I had made the night before.... After the gym I ran to Ann Taylor Loft to take advantage of a sale they are running this weekend in which the entire store is having an additional 30% off. I bought a pair of jeans and a shirt....I tried on the jeans at home, and though I can wear a size 2 from there now, I apparently have lost my butt entirely so the jeans behind area looks AWFUL. For a second I thought about buying the booty pop underwear that I saw on TV, pondered butt implants, and then I just sucked it up and figured I would return them and try a new style and see if a different cut works better. I have a fab pair from Jcrew that fit great, so I may just have to head back there. I have to say I really wonder about Loft's sizing, as I seriously am not that teeny.

While Dave crashed for the day, the girls and I played, napped, and then headed off to T-ball practice. Rachel and Laura are on the same team, our our little cousin white lie worked, so our friends two kids are on our team too lol. Laura really is impressing me with the skills she is building, as she's catching balls, and working hard. She's come a long way from last season this past spring. I honestly think she's more confiendent out on the field with her sister and friends out there. Rachel is having a blast, and she can hit the ball pretty hard, but she's all legs as she's so tall for a 4 year old! Seriously, she's in the 95% for height, and everyone thinks she's 6. I laughed out loud when she hit the ball and ran straight for 2nd base instead of going to 1st. She's a trip! This fall season of tball they only have 6 games all on Saturdays, so it's pretty laid back.

After tball we ran home to change and then went to my inlaws house to visit with some family that came into town. The girls were excited to meet a cousin their age and play. I took the peanut butter cake (guys this cake is frigging AMAZING, if you even like peanut butter in the smallest way you will love it. If you love peanut butter then you will go nuts). I also made Snappy Mustard Dip because I wanted a pretzel dip, and brought that along too.

I have posted the Snappy Mustard Dip before, but it's such a easy and yummy fall treat if you like things spicy that I will post it again. This is from the cookbook Very Virginia (Junior League cookbook from Hampton Roads). Awesome cookbook, but it's not being printed anymore since the league is concentrating on other publications, but you can still still find it on It's still a favorite of mine, and worth adding to your collection.

Snappy Mustard Dip

1/4 cup of dry mustard
2 tablespoons of white vinegar
1 tablespoons of water
1/4 cup of sugar
1 egg yolk
1 package of cream cheese softened (I used the fat free kind and it still tasted fine)
Combine dry mustard, vinegar, water in a saucepan, add sugar and egg yolk stirring over medium heat until thickened. Let cool. Then whip together mustard mixture and the cream cheese until smooth. Pour into serving bowl and serve with pretzels.

Dave was able to make it over after he got some sleep in and eat with everyone, and later we ended up at a local festival (Bay Days) to walk around and watch the fireworks. It's safe to say we walked off the calories from dinner since we had to park so far away, and pretty much just walked around until the fireworks started. I have blisters on my feet.... Our only break being when we all got on the pretty carousel and rode the horses in the downtown area. The late night at least ensured the kids would sleep in this morning !

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