Friday, September 9, 2011

Menu Planning....

I survived grocery shopping at Walmart. I was there early in between school pickups so it wasn't really that bad. I had to go crazy and buy the place out pretty much, I am attempted to meal plan this week and prepare for Emily's 3rd birthday party this next weekend....

So here is what I think we are having tonight through next Saturday.... I am going to attempt to stick to the plan, but it may change....

Friday night: Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti - I made this a while back and froze it, it's time to bust it out and make everyone eat it.

Saturday Night: Cookout at inlaws- I am bringing the peanut butter cake- if it isn't a flop. If it fails then I will figure out something else to bring. I am making this tonight and will taste a smidge of it to make sure it tastes ok =)

Sunday Night: Cheese and Jalapeno burgers for Dave and I, hot dogs for the girls.

Monday Night: London Broil from My Mama Made That- book can be purchased from here:

Tuesday: Maple Pecan Chicken from page 155 of My Mama Made That. I sure do love this cookbook lol. I have not tried this or the london broil recipe before but I have been dying to try both for a long time now.

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner. Because sometimes you just need do that. Might do pancakes, or waffles, and we are obsessed with using the pancake recipe from the Virginia Hospitality cookbook. Click this link to purchase the cookbook: Probably will also cook some bacon to go with it.

Thursday: This is a mommy slacker night. I have a committee meeting for the Touch a Truck event the JL is planning, so we might bust out some soup, or leftovers, or heck just make a sandwich.

Friday: Taco's- another easy meal but I will probably be spending some of this night prepping some food for Emily's party the next day, so it's Taco's or going out to eat somewhere to make it easy on me.

Saturday: This is my baby's 3rd birthday!!! My husband will be smoking some BBQ. I plan on making Mac and Cheese, fruit kabobs, some sort of chip dip, cherry lime aide punch, green beans, and maybe a few other things. Just depends on time!

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