Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet the teacher day at preschool!

Not only did my oldest have a HUUUGGGEEE day going to Kindergarten for the first time, but after she was done with school, my other two had meet the teacher day at their preschool. Let's all have a moment of silence as this is my baby's first year of Preschool..... I can't believe Emily is old enough....It makes me so sad. But, she is so excited, and very proud, and I know her big sister Rachel will look after her.

Rachel is excited that there is a pet hamster in their class. Apparently during vacation and things like that the parents can take turns taking it home. I remember being sad I was never able to do that as my mom isn't a fan of animals like that, so I will make sure we sign up to take home the classroom pet.

Emily is excited about the play kitchen in her class room, and was happy to see her name on a bus on the wall. In tradition Emily sported the same apple dress and red maryjanes that her sisters all wore when they went to meet their teachers on their first day of school.... I will have to make some sort of cute shadow box with the dress and their pictures taken in it....

We finished the day with a fun lunch at Chickfila, and I fixed them a fun dessert when we got home! I can't believe my babies are growing up!


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Cher said...

It's so hard to believe that they're all in school this year! I remember the phone call when David called to share the new that Laura was just born. How time flies!!