Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts....

*Yesterday my mom and I saw the movie The Help. Oh. My. Goodness. I loved this movie. My mom and I read the book when it came out, and we really enjoyed it. I had heard good things about the movie and we were not disappointed! Most times when I see a movie based on a book, I leave disappointed, but I really think the movie did the book justice. I really can't say what I liked better as both were so good! I thought the casting was great, all of the details were perfect, and I lovvvveddd seeing all of the dishes, and other antiques used on the set. I saw some Fostoria glasses that I have from my grandmother in a couple of scenes, which made me smile. Such pretty stuff! If you have read the book, please go and see this movie, you will not be disappointed.

* Dave has been making cornhole boards again. He's not selling any, but just really making a set for a good friend of his, and then working on his own. They look amazing! He bought some nice quality wood that he could stain, and then he is being all creative by using a vinyl sticker as a stencil, and staining the inside of the vinyl sticker image a darker color. The one he is making for a friend has a large palm tree silhouette. I will post pictures of it when he is done. He is trying to get them in time for his friend to take to the beach by this weekend.

*Once he is done with that project, he is helping me make a art gallery for the kids. Basically just making something for the hallway upstairs in which we can hang the kids art work and change it frequently. I saw the idea on what else:, and we want to hurry up and get it done in time for the kids starting school. It's going to be awesome!

*This weekend I think we are going to take the girls to use a groupon that I have for a paint your own pottery place. It expires soon, and in my attempt to squeeze in some last minute summer fun before Laura heads to school, I want to do that with them, and take them to see a movie.

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