Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cramming as much as I can into summer....

Saturday was a busy full day for all of us. As Laura starts school this friday, I am attempting to cram in some last minute fun. Several months back on in our area, there was a paint your own pottery deal at a place in Williamsburg that I snatched up. The girls had never done it before, and I had been wanting to do it with them for ever... We finally went out yesterday to use it as it expired soon. Our friends with a new baby joined us too, so their 3 year old could particiapte as well.

Rachel picked out a piggy bank, Laura chose an owl bank, and well let's be honest, we chose Emily's item which was a small fish. Rachel kept calling her piggy bank and guinni pig bank lol. Rachel decieded to paint her pig all purple with some polka dots on it, and Laura took her time and did different colors on her owl. Emily kept saying "NO HELP!" and painted her fish blue and orange. They had a lot of fun and already have told us what they want to paint next time. Even David admitted he wouldn't mind painting his own coffee mug. I'd love to go back and paint a platter. You can have the items shipped to you, but since I work in the area I will just pick up all of our items in about a week.

After our pottery time, we had lunch at a park the girls had never been to. They enjoyed playing, and I made them take a picture with a massive oak tree!

We headed home, and attempted to all take naps, before heading out to the movie theatre. Emily was very cranky so we didn't try to take her, plus we were heading to see Glee the 3d concert experience, and didn't think she would miss much. So this was all of our first 3d movies at a theater, and let's just say we spent a small fortune...oh well, we hardly ever go to the movies, so it was a special treat. When the ticket lady gave us the total I even had her repeat it to me twice, and I was shocked lol. I mean it wasn't a real concert for goodness sakes, just a movie concert. It was worth it though as the girls did really like it, and I have to admit the 3d stuff was pretty cool.

I ended up making a yummy dessert/snack I saw on pinterest, and I have plans to make a fun breakfast here in a few for everyone once they wake up. I will share pictures and links for all of that later! Happy Sunday everyone!


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Grace said...

Awww - the girls are getting so big - how does that happen in a few months?? Hope the girls enjoy the rest of their summer (you, too)!