Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to school to do's......

1. Hair Cuts for kids. Check
2. Back to school clothes shopping. Check
3. New planner for mom purchased. Check (didn't go with the momagenda this year, needed something smaller for my purse and something a lot more affordable, found something cute and pink at Target).
4. Calender filling up with important back to school meetings/dates/etc. Check
5. Figuring out work schedule with taking oldest daughter to school most mornings... half check
6. Calming down regarding youngest starting preschool. No check, I actually called the head of the school today in a panic, and she talked me down and is probably still telling her coworkers about the crazy mom who called her today.
7. School supply shopping. Half check. Have the preschool stuff done, but Laura is required to have a school tote that will be purchased Thursday.
8.Signing up the oldest for fall t-ball- to be done friday! Rachel is stocked to be able to play, and Laura asked to do this rather then try soccer. (woohoo)

It's just the time of year that I get myself all worked up with the back to school drama, and this year I will have three in school, two at the same school, and one at a new school. Junior League is about to start back up, already had a committee meeting, and I am excited to see some friends again.

I just have to add on Laura's list for school supplies she is to bring in 24 glue sticks. Yes 24 that is not a typo, and every kid in her class is to bring that amount in. That's a whole lot of glue!!!



Jenny said...

I cannot believe Emily is headed to preschool-wasn't she just born?! Time is going by too fast!

Love your bloggie makeover! :)

Melanie said...

love the new layout! Now.....You have inspired me to make a to do list!