Thursday, August 25, 2011

Go away Irene!

Hurricane Irene is messing with my child's first day of Kindergarten, which is supposed to be tomorrow.... she still had meet the teacher day, in which we went down to her classroom and checked everything out, and met her teacher, whom we already knew as she lives one street over. Laura was shy, but seems to really like her teacher and thinks her classroom is awesome. A few pictures from the morning, before we took off to Costco to buy water, bread, and other needs to get us through the unknown of Irene! I am heading out tomorrow morning to Food Lion to get a few more needs, AND I think we have found a car... but will probably wait until after the storm before we bite the bullet! It's pretty though!

So we have a generator, plenty of food, so hopefully we are set to go. We have plenty of games, and arts and crafts stuff and books, so hopefully if we are without power for a long time we will be occupied and safe!

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