Monday, August 15, 2011

And then Laura told me she was getting married....

Not really, but I am sure that day will be here sooner then I will be prepared for. Laura lost her first tooth Sunday night! It's been loose for a while, and she came running to tell me it was REALLY LOOSE. I wasn't really taking her serious though as it's been loose for like a month lol, so I told her just to be patient. She looked at me and said she was just going to take it out, and in went her hand and out came her tooth lol. I about passed out. She was so excited, started calling both sets of grandparents with the news, and then ran over to personally show my parents the empty space. My dad promptly gave her $5, so the Tooth Fairy got the memo she better top that. We found her tooth pillow (I bought each girl their own when they were all infants lol, at the Richmond Bizarre Bazzar show). She went to bed early eager to see if the tooth fairy would come, and she was presently surprised in the morning! Tonight she is taking her money, and with a little help from Dave and I she has asked that she gets a pair of those Sketcher Twinkle Toe shoes. We are headed out tonight to get them, and we are not coming home until Laura is wearing them on her feet!


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