Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bye Irene!

We survived Hurricane Irene! Woohoo! We didn't have any damage other then a mess in the yard to clean up the next day, and we lost power Saturday afternoon - through Monday afternoon, but it could have been a million times worse! We have a good generator set up, so we still were able to keep our fridge cold, keep fans in the house, and even watch TV lol. The important stuff you know! Thankfully we have natural gas so I was able to cook normally, and we all had hot showers. We had some fun with friends that stayed with us during the storm as their area floods easily, and since our husbands are both police officers and had to work that night we were able to just hunker down together in our house while they were at work. We really were lucky though. The girls and I took a walk the next day, and we saw a few houses that had trees down on their houses, and a small boy in our town was killed when a tree came down on their apartment. So sad!

Since we came out with out any unexpected damage I am now the proud owner of a sweet Ford Fusion! I freaking love it! Another cool feature on it is it has this interior lighting that you can change the color on, and one of the options you have is pink! Hehehe, when I found that on the car it sealed the deal. Yesterday we made it official and the car now has a happy home with us.

Hurricane Irene also has continued to mess up my daughters first day of being an offical Elementry schooler....The area where her school is at is still without power... I am crossing my fingers that Thursday or Friday she will be able to go.

Other then that we have just been hanging out, and I have been busy plotting my next cooking projects, as I want to try out some new receipes...stay tuned for those!


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Jenny said...

So glad y'all made out ok! That was scary!!!!