Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend recap

This weekend was busy! My oldest little munchkin turned 4 years old! We also caught some of the snow the mid-atlantic was having, but nothing major. We were stuck inside though which was disappointing because we had planned on renting a big jumping thing or a big blow up slide for the back yard. We had family and a few close friends over, and believe me, that was more then enough in our house. Oh how I wish my girls had summer birthdays....Anyways, her party was fun, and she got spoiled with clothing, a new bike, art stuff, and High School musical movies. Later that day, Rachel had a birthday party to attend from a friend at school, and it was the cutest party ever! The mom did a princess theme, and it was every little girls dream birthday party. Seriously, she thought of everything!

Sunday we had a super bowl party at our house. It was kinda spur of the moment... Dave called me Friday on my way home from work and wanted to know what his friend and his wife should bring over, and I was like what? what do you mean we are having people over to watch the game? Honestly, I could care less about watching any sport on TV. I just can't pay attention long enough. I have to be at a game in person, or I just don't care. And this is coming from someone who loves to play sports...terrible I know, but that's me.... I only wanted the Colts to win because I really like Kendra from E. Anyways, while I was prepping for two people to come over, I decieded if I was going to make an effort we might as well invite more people over. It was fun, and I really enjoyed stuffing myself, drinking some wine, and watching the commericals.....


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Jenny said...

I totally wanted the Colts to win because of Kendra too! HA!