Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Random Stuff

* Tonight I am doing a hot yoga class and I have not been in a long time… I am excited to go back and use my nice gift card there that I got for Christmas. I need to sweat off some of this weight.

• I have noticed my gym has been crowded lately, more so then right after New Years… Maybe some people are starting to diet and work out now more then after Valentine’s Day.
• My wonderful hubby got me the watch I wanted that I posted about a few posts down- I like it but the watch face is freaking HUGE. I look like a pimp now.
• I finally got around to upgrading my Creative Memories digital scrapbook software to the newer version and it is sooo freaking cool. Lots of newer tools on the 3.0 version. I have not made anything yet with it, but will soon. I am getting behind again on my scrapping… truth be told I made my inlaws books for Christmas but I have not printed those pages for my own book yet…I am actually waiting for my Costco rewards check to come in cause it’s going to be a doozy of a bill to print all of those pages at once. I did make Birthday Invites for my girls birthdays, and they turned out super cute. I also made “mommy cards”. Mommy cards are like business cards and can be used for playdates, but truth be told, I made them and never printed them because I think I would feel like a tool ever passing them out and be laughed at.
• I am making more of an effort to diet now that the husband is on the Fit Train as well. Truth be told with all the snow we have had lately I have been eating like a hoss. What is it with bad weather and eating? I always get out of control when bad weather strikes. Today I am trying to be good and I have a freaking Soup in Hand to for lunch and almonds. I am probably going to be cranky later today.


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