Thursday, August 30, 2012


Emily had meet the teacher day today at her preschool, and so all kids are almost back in session!  When school starts back up this means, I will be busy again until summer.  I bought a real planner, to assist as I try to keep track of everything.  I just know my iphone one won't cut it....

In true fashion  I have over committed myself this year.  Junior League has started up, I signed on to be a swim team booster, I am co chairing movie night the elementary school, I agreed to attempt neighborhood bible study again, and all this will be taking place as my caseload at work almost triples.  Yikes!  Though is stresses me out, I want to be involved for my kids, and I know I will have some fun along the way, and will just make sure I make myself take timeouts for margaritas.

If you see my husband please remind him that if he wants a happy home, he must abide by a weekly date night.

Anyone know of quick easy possible crockpot meals?  We start swim stuff in another week, and Tball, and I know dinner time will get crazy soon, so I need quick, easy, fun kid approved ideas!  I am stocked up on chicken nuggets, but I know that will get old soon!

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have you checked out this site?