Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to school.... and a printable.....

Tomorrow my two oldest go back to school!  I spent yesterday doing a mad dash to pick up the girls physical forms from the doctors office, getting them hair cuts, taking them to the pool for a swim and movie night as a fun activity, and then staying up late making them a first day of school sign to hold for pictures.  The whole sign thing stressed me out more then it should of.  I had the girls hold some last year, that I had found online, and yes I could have used the same source but I wanted something different.  I spent lunch break at work yesterday attempting to upload some that I found that were cute, to Costco's printing website so I could print them in the store. and pick up.  I couldn't get it to work, and figured I could get it to work from home thinking some sort of block must be on the computer.   So in the evening after I got the kids to bed, I was pretty mad to see I that I guess you can't upload items in PDF form, and I have no idea how to convert a file type, so I just ditched it and made my own...  Yes, I probably could have saved a butt load of time and printed the PDF file cute ones I found by just printing them on my home computer, but I wanted a good quality photo print of the sign....I know I am just making this more difficult then it has to be... I still think they turned out cute, and shall be picking them up today after work =) I made mine using the Creative Memories Digital Scrapbook program.  Feel Free to use, and if you need another grade level leave me a comment and I can hook you up.

Now I must prepare for getting them up and out the door, after torturing them with pictures holding the sign  =)


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Grace said...

I love these! Would you mind making a third grade file? I have one in preschool and one in first grade, too - perfect!