Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick catch up post...

* 1 week from today my oldest babies head to school!  Sniff sniff....
* This Monday I get to wake up at 4am and get in line in hopes to get my kids registered for a year round swimming program, and give them my right arm as well.
* Next month I will start working at another clinic in addition to the one I work at now. I am attempting to do this all in same hours, which should be interesting since it's more then double the work, and commute.  I could always go to working 5 days a week, rather then my current 4, but I am trying desperately to hold on to a "free" day to run the kids to appointments, etc.   Keep me in your thoughts and prayers  so I don't wind up in Eastern State gone freaking crazy.
* I gotta get my butt in gear with my youngest birthday party!  Not much longer!!!


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