Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Giles Household Random Happenings...

I can’t believe the summer is almost over. As much as I love the pool, beach, etc, I have to admit I am ready for fall. I am itching to bring out the decorations, wear long sleeve shirts, and see the leaves changing colors. However, as summer ends, I think life is going to speed up for us.
Preschool starts for Laura and Rachel next month, meaning lots of tying up loose ends for that, orientations, teacher visits, etc etc. In October they are both also going to be in Gymnastics on different days, and I am hoping to find a fall softball team to play on. I have always had a agenda calendar before, but now I will have to really use it to keep up with appointments and all our happenings…or I will be one scatterbrained fool.

I am done with back to school shopping I think. I took advantage of the 30% coupon to get the girls some things from Gymboree. While at the beach we got them sneakers, and at Target I bought the girls fake Uggs. You don’t think I am actually going to get them real Uggs do you? They are adorable by the way, I got hot pink and dark brown. They think they are pretty spiffy in them too. I do need to get a few more pairs of jeans for them, which will probably come from Costco, as they had some cute ones out last time I was there.

One of our little ones apparently decided to download some songs on our cell phones by accident. I made the discovery when I got our cell phone bill and it was higher then normal. We never download ring tones, and never do them at 5:00am. Thankfully Verizon Costumer Support was understanding and took the charges off. Dave asked them if the rumors were true about them getting a contract for the IPHONE, and the man said he couldn’t comment, but he did say that something was in the works… For the record, if it goes through I will be at their store asap to get one.


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