Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few pictures

Our week in Nags Head was so much fun. I am not going to lie, a vacation with three kids at such young ages isn't exactly total relaxing, but seeing the kids happy and having fun is worth it. Dave and I gave each other turns to have breaks when the kids were napping to go off by ourselves to the pool or beach which was nice. During my turn on the breaks I was able to read almost three books.... I read the Best Friends book that I posted about, Swapping Lives (can't remember the author), and I have almost finished the newest True Blood Sookie Stackhouse book.
We spent our days going back and forth between the pool and beach, the kids liked the beach, but at this point have more fun in the pool.
Our last night at the beach I did something crazy. I allowed my two oldest daughters to get their ears pierced. This was a big step for me....I had said I would try to wait until they were 5. I didn't do it when they were infants because frankly I think that babies look silly with them (no offense to anyone who did it to their babies, just my personal preference). However, Laura had started asking to get them done as her pool BFF recently got hers done... Laugh all you want, but I attempted to tell her she didn't have be a follower and do everything her friends do, yeah, that whole conversation went over her head...So anyways, Dave and Laura ended up talking me into allowing this whole piercing thing to take place at the beach... She sat in the chair and was so brave. She was just as serious as she could be, and sat with her arms crossed. She didn't cry, or make a sound as she got them put it! As soon as she hopped out of the chair Miss Rachel jumped up in it and turned her ear and asked for some too... I didn't want to upset her, as Rachel lives and breathes to do everything like her big sister, so I allowed her to get it done too...Rachel cried for less then 30 seconds, but was fine. They both think they are pretty special with their matching earrings, and look in the mirror every 5 min to admire them...
And no, Emily did not get hers put in. She may have to wait longer then them because I think the earrings make the other two look even older now lol.


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three books! wow.