Friday, August 28, 2009

More digital info, and 2 pages I recently printed.

(these pages are pics from my mom's bday this past May at my house, in one of the pictures one of my nephews has a pretty bruised face from a skate boarding incident, just in case your wondering whats up with his mug)

I have completed over 30 digital pages since returning home from vacation. I know crazy. But I love it, and it's so quick and easy. I have not printed all of them as basically I didn't want to spend that much, as it didn't fit into my budget, so I only printed about 6 pages or so through Costco. Heads up to ladies thinking about purchasing Creative Memories Digital program- I currently have story book creator plus 2.0 version- in a couple of weeks 3.0 is supposed to be coming out, so you may want to wait for that. It will have a few updated things. The photo organizational program-Memory Manager actually just came out with a 3.0 upgrade as well. I had 2.0 myself, but I opted for the upgrade yesterday. I figure what the hell. I was able to upgrade by just ordering the upgrade online for $15.95. I am hoping the upgrade for the digital program is just as cheap....

So my advice is, wait a few weeks, then just order the programs from the creative memories website, as you can download them just like that. I will be posting links in another post for great links/blogs with free kits. Keep in mind I have not broken down and purchased any kits (though they are really cheap), there are just tooonnss of free ones out there that have given me plenty to keep my busy. Seriously, it's amazing.



Jenny said...

Can I borrow you to show me how to do all of this? Girl, you are rockin' the digiscrappin'. I'm serious!

Veronica said...

I LOVE these layouts. so beautiful.