Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pool party planning has begun!

One thing I am working on planning, is Emily's 4th birthday party.  Her birthday isn't until September 16th, but Miss Emily put in a request for a pool party.  The pool is closed by then, so we are going to celebrate it a little early.  I know at that point I am going to be so busy with back to school things, so I am planning ahead right now. This morning I made her invites as you can see above.  This is also the most recent "scrapbooking"  I have done since I probably made my other girls back in February.  I also busted out my laptop, as my CM program is on there rather then my Mac.  CM now makes a program for Mac, so I need to look into that.  I thought the invite turned out cute.  I am picking up my proof from Costco before I go crazy and print what we need.

Anyways, we are going with a pool party theme.  I am trying to figure out if I want to do cup cakes rather then a cake, and I have a made a pinterest board for ideas.  I am debating about making said dessert or ordering it.   We will be grilling out there, and that's about all I have figured out right now, but I am planning a trip to Michael's soon to look for ideas..... I figure for favors I should be able to find some cool pool/beach stuff on sale soon since the stores will be switching over to fall.

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